LIFE “VAIA” at EURAF 2022!

Written on 05/17/2022

Launched in 2021, the project LIFE “VAIA” is getting into the heart of actions.

The Partners are RIGONI di ASIAGO (LP), Association Francaise d’Agroforesterie, Asiago Municipality, Gallio Municipality, Edmund Mach Foundation , Longarone Fair Dolomites, Tesaf Dept. Of Padua University , Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Venetian Cluster, Veneto Agricoltura , The objective of the project are:

  •  to restore forest areas hitted by storms and heavy climatic events
  • support the regrowth of trees and its ecological and economical value with a sort of “forest agroforestry”, establishing native berries and edible plants undercover,
  • improve biodiversity, protect new forest growing and guarantee an alternative income  to the communities who have lost for decades the wood market..

If you are interested to be informed and join us  in the project, register your mail and/or references on the contact page of LIFE VAIA website.